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1 Account Code | 科目代码

Scenario: The usage of Account Code in General Ledger A/C Maintenance menu. Solution: If you used to key in old account code previously used in other accounting system (as a reference), Account Code can be shown in Print Chart of Accounts with simple customization…

2 Activate Invoicing system | 激活只限发票功能

Scenario: This solution below shows the way to activate Invoicing system. Solution: Tick "Only Invoicing" at [Housekeeping > Run Setup > General Setup > Item Maintenance] and then login to the system again as usual. 方案: 如何激活系统只限发票功能?…

3 Administrative Folder

Scenario: The solution below describes the functionality of Administrative Folder. Solution: Administrative Folder is used to keep security & control data such as user setting and group setting.

4 Agent field was not displayed in Transactions File Maintenance | 代理人字段不显示于凭证输入

Scenario: User have activated 'with bill agent' in General Setting, but the Agent field was not displayed in Transactions File Maintenance. Solution: Agent field will be displayed only when the transaction involves Debtor/Creditor account. Remark: 9.1 (02…

5 AR & AP Group To no account | 应收帐和应付帐统驭账户没有出现

Scenario: The Group To at Debtor/Credit account maintenance did not have any account available for select, even have created the Debtor/Creditor control account at Chart of Account Maintenance. Solution: This is due to the Debtor/Creditor control account…