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1 Account Code | 科目代码

Scenario: The usage of Account Code in General Ledger A/C Maintenance menu. Solution: If you used to key in old account code previously used in other accounting system (as a reference), Account Code can be shown in Print Chart of Accounts with simple customization…

2 Administrative Folder

Scenario: The solution below describes the functionality of Administrative Folder. Solution: Administrative Folder is used to keep security & control data such as user setting and group setting.

3 Batch Type | 凭证代号式

Scenario: The usage of Batch Type in Organise Batches. Solution: Batch Type is an additional indication for Batch Title and will appear in View Ledgers and Print Ledgers reports only with some customization. The customization: step 1. at Data Environment,…

4 Behaviour of import item file. | 导入存货档案结构

Scenario: The solution below explains the behavior of Import item file from company A to company B. Solution: When the target database have the same item code, only item unit cost, selling price and markup ratio will be updated. 方案: 以下说明导入存货档案的结构。…

5 By Account, By Bill and By Payment of Open Item Menu Creditors | 按账户, 按账单和按付款于对单销账应付账户

Scenario: The usage of By Account, By Bill and By Payment in Open Item Menu Creditors > Gain/Loss in Exchange Rate. Solution: These three are sorting options before preview: By Account - sort by Creditor No.. By Bill - sort by Invoice No.. By Payment -…