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251 Transaction File Maintenance - Sundry expenses (payment) with GST 6 % inclusive

252 Transaction File Maintenance - Sundry Expenses with GST 0%

253 Transaction File Maintenance - Supplier Invoice with GST 6 % inclusive (except IM)

254 Transaction File Maintenance - Why is the GST classification disappeared after save ?

Scenario : When entering the transaction, a GST tax code is entered at GST Classification field. However, the tax code disappeared after saved. Explanation : To ensure the correct taxable amount or GST amount is captured into GST related reports, there should…

255 View Previous Year Data - Why is the [Select] button being disabled ?

When I wanted to view previous year data, why is the [Select] button being disabled ? Answer : This is due to different password is being used. Our advice is, before you migrate data into Sage UBS 2015, please make sure the user name and password are standardized…

256 What is Sage 50 subscription license?

For those customers who wish to try our software before they decide to purchase a perpetual software license, you can opt for the Subscription license.

257 What is Sage Cover?

Software license is perpetual. The license is inclusive of 1 year Sage Cover in every new purchase, a software assurance which allows the customer FREE upgrade/update whenever it is made available, within their Sage Cover valid date. For the following year…