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1 GST reporting – Only input tax amount is shown in GST-03 – 5(b), no record shown in GST report Featured

For proper way of transaction entry, please refer to http://knowledge.sage.my/index.php?/article/AA-05617/0/Sage-UBS-Transaction-File-Maintenance.html

2 How to connect client PC with the main server? How to activate the user license?

To connect client/ user PC to the main server, client server IP must same as main server IP Steps to check the main server IP address as below: 1. Go to main server PC > My Computer > Network > right click to select Properties: 2. Select Local Area…

3 How to create Quotation?

How to create quotation in Sage UBS Billing module . Step 1: Click on transaction on left side of screen, task lists. See below, illustration of the function: Step 2: Look at more tasks below and click Quotation. Step 3: Please see in picture illustration…

4 Any way to recover Administrator Tasks

Dear Sir/Madam, We were accidentally made the changes to the default username and password, currently we can’t log in into system as Administrator. Appreciate if you can reply to us as soon as possible. Regards, Ms. Goh Elite Industries Sdn. Bhd. Dear Ms.…

5 Can Sage UBS nine Data can be restore in Sage 50?

There is a migration tool within Sage 50 to convert master data (i.e. GL chart of accounts, Customer Number, Supplier Number) from Sage UBS.

6 Cannot find convertor for Format 3 in Stock Cards?

Please follow the steps below to enable the convertor button: Please go to C:\UBSSTK2015\REPORTS\REPORTS_TIMES_NEW_ROMAN\ -> Look for STK0433.frx, STK0433.frt -> Copy. Paste STK0433.frx, STK0433.frt to C:\UBSSTK2015\REPORTS\CONVERTOR. Reopen the report…


why after update UBS new version, when i enter to my system will appear detect corrupted indexes and GST submission date is 1/4/2015 to 31/3/2015. In Sage UBS 2015 version, we have added a tool to fix those “Variable XXX not found” issues happened…

8 Deactivate my old Sage Software Version

User's Question: I am currently a Sage 9.5 user with SNO : S09001432xxx. I want to install the new version of sage with GST version. What are the procedures that we need to follow on the transition of these new systems. 1) Do I have to download Sage USB2015…